brisket the bulldogHello, everybully! My name is Brisket, and let me be the first to say THANK YOU for considering foster care for one of my brudders or sisters! There are a few very important things that everyone needs to know about us before signing this form, so keep on reading!

First, fostering an English Bulldog can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life. It can be challenging, too! Us bulldogs have traits that make us special…like the fact that I belch after I eat, or that I snore at night. My brudders and sisters that will come through ABBR have some very special needs due to previous neglect, abuse, and ignorance from previous mommies and daddies. They need lots of love!

Finding foster homes for the ABBR bullies is a very important part of the rescue process. My fwiends will be placed based on overall “fit,” which includes medical and social needs, along with restrictions and compatibility. ABBR welcomes all foster applications, but please know that not all fosters will “fit” in each home. So, pwease be honest and forth-coming on your application. My fwiends have gone through a lot, and they deserve a perfect home to get better in!

Consider some of the following issues that may come with one of my fellow bulldogs:

Look at my picture! I’m a good lookin fellow, right? Very handsome and sweet-looking, just like all of my fwiends. So what could be wrong? (Nothing is wrong, of course – all bullies are perfect in every way!) I could be heartworm positive. This means, as a foster mommy or daddy, you’ll have to keep me on special medication and/or food to get me to feel better. This could take up to a year, which means you would have me for that long! You would also need to take me to the vet on a very regular basis (yuck!), AND be sure that any other pets you have would be kept on their medications so they don’t get sick too. I could also have food allergies (which takes a long time to figure out), ear infections, or even an infected tail that requires surgical removal. I will be your best fwiend ever, but you will need to be 100% committed to getting me all better!

One last thing – sometimes, foster mommies and daddies “fail.” And by “failing” I mean that sometimes, foster families fall so much in love with their foster bully that they end up filling out an adoption application!

That’s not a bad thing, so be prepared to “fail!”

Okay, that’s what I have to say…and I’m ready for a nap. Are you ready and willing to continue with the application? Don’t let me stop you – fill it out! And thank you from the bottom of my bully heart!



Ready to Apply To Be a Foster for ABBR?

Please download the foster application, fill it out and scan it and email it to  DO NOT FAX the application. If you have any additional questions, you can contact us too!