Bulldog on a leash with a puzzling look

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do you only adopt to people in Austin & Surrounding areas?

A: ABBR is a volunteer driven organization that has limited coverage in central Texas. In order to best serve the bulldogs in our care and the people who adopt them, we choose to limit our outreach to a geographical area that we are comfortable in covering without sacrificing our connection to our bulldogs or the families that adopt them. It’s really a matter of logistics. NOTE: There are bulldog rescues in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio that cover the remainder of Texas…and beyond. See our Resource Page for bulldog supporters and links to other bulldog rescues in Texas.

Q: How much are your adoption fees?

A: Adoption fees range from $350 to $650, and based on the health and age of each particular bulldog. Adoption fees are considered a donation, and go 100% toward the medical needs of our rescued bulldogs. Contributions above the adoption fee are very appreciated, as we have many rescued bulldogs in need of your support. Adoption fees are tax deductible. Payments may be made using PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card, Check or Money Order.

Q: Why are the adoption fees so high?

A: Typically, we spend three to four times the cost of adoption on each bulldog’s medical care prior to that bulldog being ready for adoption. Your adoption donation helps cover some of those medical costs. We believe a bulldog is an investment, and its maintenance and healthcare costs can climb into thousands of dollars per year. If you judge that the cost of adopting a bulldog is too high, then we encourage you to look at your budget and consider that now may not be the right time to adopt a bulldog.

Q: How long does it take to find my bulldog?

A: The process of finding your bulldog begins when we receive your adoption application. After your application is reviewed and your home visit is completed and we know everything we need to know to find your bulldog, we start looking for your bulldog. Sometimes your bulldog is in rescue and ready for adoption. Sometimes your bulldog has not yet found its way to rescue. It may take weeks, and it sometimes takes months. A bulldog is worth the wait, so be patient and trust the process… you won’t be disappointed.

Q: Do you have any puppies?

A: No, puppies rarely land in rescue unless they have a very serious medical condition. We sometimes see young bulldogs in rescue, but on average our bulldogs are fully grown adults.

Q: Do you adopt intact bulldogs?

A: No, all adoptable bulldogs will be spayed or neutered.

Q: Will my bulldog be current on vaccinations?

A: Yes, all adoptable bulldogs will be current on vaccinations and current on Heartworm and Flea preventatives.

Q: Will my bulldog have a Micro Chip?

A: Yes, all adoptable bulldogs are micro-chipped in ABBR’s name to protect the bulldog from having its micro chip information changed in the event your bulldog is stolen or found but not returned.

Q: I want to rescue a bulldog as a surprise/gift for a family member or friend?

A: During the adoption process, it is required that we meet with everyone who will be involved in the bulldogs life and care. It’s important that we all agree that a bulldog coming into your home is a life changing commitment and that requires complete transparency on the part of everyone involved. No surprises, no exceptions.

Q: How are bulldogs with children?

A: Bulldogs are known for being wonderful family pets. Each bulldog has his or her own personality and behaviors, so not all bulldogs will be right for your children. Part of our adoption process is determining which bulldog is right for you…this includes your children.

Q: What if our rescued bulldog doesn’t work out?

A: It is important to remember that these are rescued animals, and not all behaviors or environmental effects can be predicted. We ask all of our adopters to contact us if anything comes up that they feel uncomfortable with. We have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to bulldogs, and we can help work through just about any issue that may arise. It is terribly important that we be contacted immediately when an issue presents itself. Any delay will make it that much more difficult to correct. If it is determined that the bulldog needs to be returned to rescue, as stated in our adoption contract, the bulldog comes back to us and is not to be given or sold or surrendered to anyone or any other organization. Your adoption fee is not refundable. If we all agree you are ready to try again, we will help find your next bulldog.

Q: Why do you only rescue English Bulldogs?

A: ABBR is a “Breed Specific Rescue.” We only rescue English Bulldogs because that is the breed that we know. We know bulldogs. We know their thoughts, behaviors, care and quirks. We do not know other breeds. Do you really want a Plumber working on your BMW…or an Accountant fixing you water heater…or a Truck Driver removing your appendix?

Q: What do you mean by “Breed Specific Rescue?”

A: ABBR only accepts purebred English Bulldogs into our rescue. We do not accept Olde English Bulldogges, American Bulldogs, Pit-Bulls or mixed breed dogs. If you are with a shelter, rescue or an owner looking to surrender your bulldog, we require current photos of the dogs face, left side, right side and rear-end be emailed to us so we may determine if the dog is a purebred English Bulldog before we will discuss intake.

Q: How do I Re-Home my Bulldog?

A: Surrendering your bulldog can be one of the most difficult decisions you’ll ever make. We are often the first ones to break-down and cry when we arrive to pick up a bulldog from a loving family who can no longer properly care for their English Bulldog. We want the process of re-homing your bulldog to be one of joy and hope, so we make sure to explain to you the complete process of how we will handle the fostering, vetting, evaluation, rehabilitation and eventual adoption of your beloved family pet. Our priority is the bulldog and its well being and joyful life. Please do not surrender your elderly bulldog, they gave you their entire life; don’t give up on them because they are old.

Q: We can’t afford our bulldogs medical needs…can you help?

A: We do not provide donations or grants to families with a bulldog who has expensive medical needs. There are many organizations and fundraising options available. A quick search on Google found The Humane Society Organization, Animal Friend Rescue Project Organization, Give Forward, Fund Me and many, many more options to consider. If you feel it is in the best interest of your bulldog to be placed in rescue, see our Resources tab for more information on surrendering your bulldog.