They may look tough, but English Bulldogs are actually incredibly affectionate, goofy big babies. They love their people and are happiest when they can be someone’s companion. As a well-tempered breed, they are most often friendly and gentle with children and seniors alike. They are patient, kind, and rarely aggressive.

They show a lot of courage in defending their people if they sense a threat, but their personalities lean toward friendliness and peace.

They have a little bit of stubbornness to them, but this is because they have the ability to prioritize. They want to know what’s in it for them, so it’s always a good idea to offer tasty and healthy treats as motivators. Although English Bulldogs are protective of the ones they love, if you’re looking for a guard dog, a bulldog probably isn’t your best choice.

Bulldog with tongue out

They show a lot of courage in defending their people if they sense a threat, but their personalities lean toward friendliness and peace. Their fierce appearance alone can sometimes be enough to intimidate potential intruders, but don’t be surprised if you find out that your bulldog was seen playing with a ball while would-be thieves made away with all your stuff. English Bulldogs are not the neatest, quietest energetic or most graceful of the bully breeds, so adopters should be people who love bulldogs for exactly who they are. Bulldogs tend to snort, snore, fart and drool; all traits that bulldog lovers find endearing. Each bulldog is different, but also the same in many ways. They all share a common want for the company and love of their people.

Having an English Bulldog join your family is a rewarding and enjoyable experience, but before you adopt a bulldog it’s important that you know they aren’t just any other dog breed. They require some special care to stay healthy and happy.

Specialty Care

Bulldog’s are “inside only” dogs

If you don’t want a dog inside your home, do not get a bulldog. Bulldogs cool themselves just like all other dogs. The problem is; bulldogs have VERY short snouts and their snout is their air-conditioner. The longer the snout, the cooler the dog will be. Bulldogs and their short snouts must always be in a cool environment or they will be at risk of overheating, which often leads to heat stroke and death. This is the price bulldogs pay for being so cute and wrinkly. So, keep you bulldog inside where it’s cool and comfortable…and closer to you.

Bulldogs need a high quality “Grain Free” limited ingredient dog food

Bulldogs get exercise, but not as much as most dogs. Because of that, they won’t need as much food as is often suggested on the bag, and they’ll require less protein than highly active breeds. What they do need is a very high quality food that supports their immune system and provides the clean nutrients that will give them
the best possible body and skin health. We have found that feeding bulldogs a Grain Free food with quality ingredients goes a long way toward having a healthy and happy bulldog. The food you feed your bulldog is one of the most important investments you will ever make for your bulldog. Do your research; chose wisely, feed appropriately.

Bulldogs need their wrinkles & tail pocket cleaned daily

One of the things that make bulldogs so irresistibly cute is their wrinkles. However, this adorable feature does need some routine “pupkeep.” Daily cleaning of your bulldog’s wrinkle-folds is critical to your bulldogs overall cleanliness and happiness. Left unattended, their folds can become a breeding ground for bacteria and yeast. Bulldogs also need their little bully-butt wiped and their tail pocket cleaned.. Yep, most people don’t know that a bulldog has a pocket where part of their tail is inside. This pocket can become dirty rather quickly and gentle daily cleaning with a medicated wipe will prevent this pocket from getting gross, infected, itchy and uncomfortable. These daily cleanings are super easy once you get the hang of it, but if you don’t have the time
(or don’t want to spend the time) to devote to their hygiene, you may want to reconsider bringing a bulldog into your home.

Bulldogs need a weekly bath

Bathing your bulldog can be a bonding experience, but it’s also a necessity. And no, not all bulldogs love getting a bath, but most tolerate it as long as you’re the one giving it to them. Bulldogs do best when their owners bathe them once a week; using a medicated shampoo (anti-fungal) that prevents skin issues common in bulldogs. It’s NOT okay to use soap or shampoo made for humans. Bulldogs are often allergy prone, so be sure to consult your veterinarian on what medicated wipe and medicated shampoo are best for your bulldog. While you’re at the vet, be sure to pick up some ear cleaning solution. Clean your bulldog’s ears once a week to ensure you have a fully clean and happy bulldog.

Bulldogs need exercise

It’s a myth that bulldogs are “lazy” dogs that don’t need physical activity. Yes, if you’re looking for a dog to go on long walks or run a marathon with you, a Bulldog is not the way to go. They do still require some activity and exercise to stay vibrant and healthy, but keep in mind that their short snouts are not designed for efficient cooling and they can overheat SUPER easy; in hot or even mild temperatures. Their stocky bodies can also leave them prone to joint pain and knee issues if over-exercised. But if you’re looking for someone to share a morning walk around the block or a cool evening at the park, a bulldog would be more than happy to join in.

Bulldogs need you and love being with you

Like all dogs, your bulldog will need regular owner attention, affection and care. Be sure to find a bulldog knowledgeable veterinarian so your bulldog will receive the best possible medical attention. Remember that necessary vaccinations, heartworm and flea preventatives and regular veterinarian exams are super important. Give your bulldog your time and your love; they want it and they need it. A bulldog is happiest when they are with you. They love your attention and being physically close to you. Give them that attention, comfort and love, and you’ll receive more in return than you could possibly imagine.